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Sergiu George Jiduc is an explorer, environmental geoscientist, mountaineer and freelance photographer. He designs and manages multifaceted projects in mountain environments, combining cutting edge scientific field research, high altitude and technical mountaineering, creative multimedia, and sustainable development initiatives.

Having benefited from a close relationship with nature in his home region of Transylvania, Sergiu is very passionate about exploration, mountaineering, earth and climate science. He enjoys setting foot where few have been and explore the world in a sustainable and innovative fashion – leaving incentives for positive environmental, economic and social change.

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Sergiu has nine years experience as a project manager, scientific investigator and athlete for several mountaineering, scientific, video and photographic expeditions throughout the world’s mountain ranges including the Himalayas, Karakoram, Thien Shan, Andes, Caucasus, Alps, Mount Kenya, Scottish Highlands, and Carpathian mountains.

Some of his notable mountaineering achievements include the ascent of Yukshin Gardan Sar (7530m), Khan Tengri (7010m), Yerupaja (6617m), Artesonraju (6025m), Alpamayo (5947m), Kangyatze I (6400m), Mount Kenya (4985m), Eiger (3970m), Mont Blanc (4810m), Matterhorn (4478m), Monch (4107m), Jungfrau (4158m), Elbrus (5542m) and Donguz Orun (4478m) and many others.

Sergiu has initiated and participated in several scientific research projects dealing with crucial environmental and social issues. These included the investigation of contemporary landscape changes in mountain environments in Peru (funded in part by the National Geographic Society, Young Explorers Grant Scheme), the assessment of the impacts of extreme storm events on the geomorphology of high elevation glaciated catchments in India, the investigation of human activities on the tropical marine and terrestrial ecosystems in Jamaica, the study of the role of surging glaciers in the formation and initiation of glacial lake outburst floods in Pakistan as well as assessing the barriers and enablers to the adoption and implementation and farming technological innovation in the Himalaya.

In addition, Sergiu has participated as a guest speaker at several public conferences and events including TEDx Square Mile, London, Royal Geographical Society Explore Seminar, Edinburgh University Expeditions Committee and Edinburgh University Atmosphere and Biosphere Programme seminars. Furthermore, Sergiu has worked two periods as a science communicator for the Edinburgh International Science Festival and has strong science communication skills.

Besides  exploration, scientific and mountaineering endeavours, Sergiu was engaged with different forms of event management. From managing photographic and video presentations to organising inspiring talks and conferences, he has worked for charities, societies and mountain clubs including the Edinburgh University Expedition Society and Explorer Club Romania.

Some of his enterprise and international development endeavours included work as a marketing, branding and business consultant for a hydroponic farming company based in Nairobi, Kenya. There, Sergiu designed and managed a successful customer service and marketing strategy, doubled the network of clients, reduced marketing expenditures and doubled sales. In Nairobi, Sergiu has advertised the company at the United Nations African Headquarters as well as during several other events organised by the World Bank and Kenyan Government. Mr Jiduc gained considerable experience in the technical aspects of hydroponic farming including nutrient and plant chemistry, water circulation systems and livestock nutrition as well as in the greater field of food security, supply chains and innovation in agriculture. He is now working on an ambitious food security and renewable energy project to take place in Northern India, which has been shortlisted for a Rolex Awards for Enterprise.

Sergiu’s special skills include project management, problem solving, environmental research, data anylisis, fundraising, mountaineering, photography and science communication. He has advanced knowledge of organisational leadership, teamwork, strategic analysis, conflict resolution and response to adversity, resource management, branding, advertising and online marketing. Sergiu’s international outlook has given him an awareness of how cultural differences affect the way people learn, work and socialise. One of his strongest attributes is the ability to adapt to an environment and build a network of friends and colleagues no matter where he may be.

For more information, feel free to contact Sergiu. He is currently based in the UK.

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