The Arahant Project


Using already pioneered environmental technologies to provide enlightening solutions to the problems of our day: food and water insecurity

Ongoing Project

2015 – 2018

In 2050 there will be nine billion people sharing the planet. Already the world is facing intertwined challenges of food, water and energy security, as well as climate change. These greatest challenges of our time are closely interlinked – the same must be true for the solutions. The Arahant project utilizes what we have enough of, deserts and the Earth’s heat, to produce what we need more of, sustainable food. This is done by combining existing and proven environmental technologies, including hydroponic farming and geothermal energy. The project aims to empower vulnerable communities in arid Ladakh with small-scale, and viable geothermal heated hydroponic farming innovation. The synergetic project is cost-effective, sustainable, and allows higher amounts of production than traditional farming, increasing resilience to resource insecurity. The project outputs include food, employment and enhanced awareness. The system already piloted in Kenya, uses local materials and labour, to minimize input costs and maintenance.

The main aim of the Arahant Project is to build a state-of-the-art cascading geothermal greenhouse facility in Puga Valley. The greenhouse will specialize in growing vegetables and fodder hydroponically as well as biofuels and sustaining an animal husbandry. Heating of the facility is planned to be provided by geothermal energy. Wells and heat pumps for extraction and distribution purposes as well as sealed turbo generators are currently being installed in the area. The resulting infrastructure will harvest about 50-95 kilowatts of thermal energy (kWt) of heat and cogenerate about 10 – 15 kilowatts of electrical energy (kWe) and ~ 75 kWt of heat for space heating applications (at 20-35°C).

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